45-year Reunion



                             REUNION  RECAP

An informal social gathering was held Friday, Sept. 24, 2010, at Sportsman's Restaurant (Old Guys Steakhouse) with approximately 30 or so classmates and spouses attending.  Saturday morning, 13 of us enjoyed perfect weather for a golf outing (scramble) at the Deer Trail Country Club.  Many thanks to Carol Price Cole for organizing that event.  The 45-year reunion Sept. 25th at Deer Trail Country Club was attended by 73 members and spouses of the SHS Class of '65.  Co-Chairmen of the event were Dave Kessler and Clyde Wakefield,  with valuable assistance and contributions provided by Carol Price Cole, Sally Smart Lash,  Linda Young Williamson, and Sally Wakefield.  Following the introductory social hour, the program commenced, highlighted by the following:

  • Recognition of 17 deceased classmates (see listing in the In Memory  tab of this website)
  • Invocation by Dave Haney
  • Meal and Dessert
  • Notes regarding several classmates unable to attend
  • Awards/prizes for longest married, traveled furthest, etc.
  • Decided by acclamation to continue the website for another 5 years.  Donations were received to fund the web hosting fees, and about 100 more dollars are needed to cover the 5-year cost.  Website users that were unable to contribute in person are invited to send donations to:  Sally Lash,  400 W.N. 3rd. St.,  Findlay, IL. 62534.  Any funds received in excess of what's needed will go into the general fund for the next reunion.
  • Decided by acclamation to hold a 50-year class reunion in 5 years.  The following class members agreed to organize that event:  Carol Price Cole (Chair), Linda Lumpp Frye, Linda Young Williamson, Dave Kessler, Martha Tuchek Hunter, Pam Smith Blickum, Phyliss Smith Johnson, and Clyde Wakefield (website).
  • Class members assembled for a class photo     NOTE:  The group pictures I have unfortunately have some faces obscured,  so if anyone has better photos,  please e-mail them to Clyde Wakefield for inclusion on the website.
  • Conversations continued until about 11 pm, when everyone left and went home to sleep.  Hmmm.....the tail end of these gatherings seem to be getting progressively earlier and earlier.  Where have all the party animals gone?




Classmates and others at the 45-year reunion.  Sorry we didn't get pictures of everyone, but also check out the collection taken by Linda Young Williamson (posted on her Profile Page).



                                          SAT. GOLF OUTING


  The following classmates were at the reunion on Sept. 25, 2010 : 


Clyde and Sally Wakefield                             Kenny and Sherreye Plowman

Dave and Carol Kessler                                 Larry and Wynona Syfert

Carol and Jake Cole                                       Karen  and Richard Holzhausen

Gary and Carolyn Weakly                               Mary Carol and Hal Schinzler

Steve and Carol Brown                                  Sally and Roger Lash

George and Nancy Orin                                  Dr. Richard and Anne Hayes

Dave and Georgie Haney                               Cheryl Richardson Young

Linda and Clifford Williamson                          Jim and Gayle Cox                  

Nancy Sievers Syfert and Gary Stretch            Perk and Kay Wilson

Harry and Peggy Russell                                 Jean and Bob Day

Nancy Pinkston Furr                                        Pam and Ron Blickum

Don and Carolyn Hennings                             Linda and Wayne Lawrence

Marsha White                                                Phyllis and Charlie Johnson

Pat and Don Bendler                                       Martha and Bill Hunter

Dan and Debra Reed                                      Lana and Bob Pancoast

Judy and Wayne Small                                    Donna Stewardson

Ron and Alex Sherwood                                  Pat and Bill Schwenker

Linda and Leroy Frye                                     Darrell and Tera Stremming 

Steve and Dixie Burrell                                   Paula and Phil Devore