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•   Judith Gary (Longfield)  8/13
•   David Haney  8/12
•   Carol Price (Cole)  8/6
•   Donna Stewardson  3/12
•   Harry Russell  3/11
•   Donna Knearem (Humphrey)  2/10
•   Clyde Wakefield  1/12
•   Colleen Kelley (Moses)  12/17
•   Ron Sherwood (Sherwood)  10/19
•   Pam Smith (Blickem)  9/15
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•   Gary Weakly  10/17
•   Phillip Phelps  10/19
•   Jean Canada (Day)  10/21
•   Beverly Ballard (Wilson)  10/25
•   Martha Tuchek (Hunter)  10/25
•   Russell Rayburn  11/3
•   Phyllis Smith (Johnston)  11/10
•   Nancy Aichele (Entringer)  11/13



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Time to refresh this page,  and no better way to do it than to announce:


For the  55 year class reunion to be held in Shelbyville on Sept. 18, 19, and 20,  2020

The reunion committee met in Shelbyville recently,  and some key planning was initiated.  Carol Cole has done some vetting of promising reunion venues,  and reports that the places we used for the 50-year event were well received and the dates available,  so we'll tentatively be returning to the VFW for the Friday evening mixer,  and the Corps of Engineers Visitor Center  on Saturday evening for the main event with a catered meal.  AND, if schedules and participants have a harmonic convergence,  another meaningful worship service by the lake on Sunday morning.  Those that attended at the 50-year service would to a person agree that it was a special part of the weekend.  SO,  mark your calendars,  and stay tuned for further developments as they become available.  

The reunion committee:

Carol Cole,  Martha Hunter ,  Donna Stewardson,  Ginny Moody,  Sally Lash,  Judy Small,  Paula DeVore,  and Clyde Wakefield



,Now if you haven't checked out the Chuckle Bin recently,  we're up to the # 25  posting,  which is a little over a year's worth if chuckle -worthy stuff.  Some of the earlier gems are due a second look,  so look in on that tab.


   As a reminder,  all the stuff regarding the most excellent 50-year reunion is now archived in the 50 Year Reunion tab located in the left-hand tab listing.  Not only that,  a whole bunch of photos taken at the event​​​​​​ are stored there ( and not even photoshopped).

While I have your attention,  a goodly number of the class need to update your Profiles and pictures so that everyone can keep up to speed on the latest in your lives.  Hey,  it's only another1 1/2years until the next reunion (let the countdown begin),  so spill the beans and keep the class up to date. Don't make me chase you down. By then(2020)you'll have forgotten what you've been doing since the last reunion

If you have ideas on what you'd like to see on the website,  please forward to Clyde or Carol.  And by the way,  keep checking in on the Class Central tab on the left listing for the latest conversations between classmates (see below).

  CLASS CENTRAL...Post notes or news of yourself or other classmates for the rest of the class to see.  This tab is kind of like "what's new"  in addition to following classmate birthdays, etc.   Surely  there is news that the class would be interested  in knowing about.  A good place to post comments about classmate birthdays, news about yourself,  or good clean gossip on what's happening around Shelbyville.

Update to your Profile Page --  check out the new format,  and while you're there,  add a "now" picture so everyone can see how gracefully we have become "more senior".   Anybody needing help doing that, drop a note to one of the Site Administrators,  and we'll try to assist.    

.  For first-time classmate visitors, please go to the "How to use this site" tab and get started by filling out your Profile and Contact info.  We're glad you found us.  Classmates already on line,  let's try and get some more to join !   Check the Missing Classmates tab (upper left) to bug those not on the site! 

Clyde Wakefield and Carol Cole     

Site Administrators